Claudius Douglas, better known as Bunny General, is recognized and respected world wide as a veteran reggae and dancehall artist.
He began performing in the dancehall with various sound systems long before he got an opportunity to work on a stage show. Some of the sounds that he would frequently work with back then were Rocking Saint, Elrino, Stur Mars and Cosmic Force. He eventually graduated from performing in the dancehalls to taking the stage and entertaining the masses.
Bunny as he is affectionately called, began making music in the late seventies and officially got his recognition in 1983. That was the year he recorded and released “goat rider” for King Tubbys.
The success of that single opened doors for Bunny General and made it possible for him to voice for major names such as King Jammys, Bobby Digital, Mikey Bennet and other decorated labels. Bunny General has done work with artists like Lt. Stitchie, Papa San, Johnny Ringo, Yellow Man, Josey Wales, Charley Chaplin, Early B, Super Cat, Beenie Man and many others in the capacity of either touring, collaboration and/or song writing. He can also boast several number ones in various countries and the release of albums for Digital B, Johnny P and Tuffis. Having no intentions of slowing down, Bunny General has released singles in 2011 on several rhythm driven projects like Preview, Tour and others.
Additionally, he was recently booked for a two months European tour alongside dancehall heavy weight, Junior Cat. Now he is back for the Reggae Jam Anniversary.

Big up and welcome on stage – the one an famous BUNNY GENERAL.