JAH 9 confirmed @ Reggae Jam 2018

A certified yoga instructor trained in Kemetic, Ashtanga and Iyengar methods, Jah9 has been known to compel her audiences during her live set to pause, breathe deeply and feel empowered. Jah9 also curates an organic rhythm-based yoga experience she calls Yoga on Dub. Recently, she launched a mini series on YouTube called Yoga On Dub TV to further engage her fan base and Yoga lovers worldwide. Jah9 is rooted in her African heritage and driven to serve. In 2015, while on tour in Italy and Malta she was intent on engaging with African refugees, sharing with them insight on the new environment they would face, natural wellness as well as yoga/breathing as healing therapy. 

Jah9’s words are a reflection of the life she has constructed. Considered a nation builder and community activist, she has been heavily involved in youth development work. She has helped develop programs for at-risk youth in Kingston, worked on the creation of Healing of the Nation public awareness campaign and been at the core of the creation of the non-profit youth and arts advocacy group known as Manifesto JA in 2005. 

Since 2013, Jah9 has performed on the main stage with her band The Dub Treatment at most major European and US reggae festivals. In 2016, the Universal year of 9 [2+0+1+6], Jah9 has established for herself a foundation as a formidable lyricist and revolutionary force; and now shifts her energies to unveiling a deeper more personal deployment of her Jazz on Dub sound. Empowered by her femiNINE –that which is found in the symbolism of 9, the symbol of creation and womb of the universe – Jah9 released her sophomore album divinely-entitled 9 on September 9th, 2016.