Welcome on Stage: NATURE

NATURE confirmed @ Reggae Jam 2018

Andre Ellis, more popularly known as Nature, is a free-spirited individual and positive songwriter who delivers his music with great passion. He hails from the beautiful parish of St. James in Jamaica and is known for singles such as "Wasting Time", "World Peace”and ‘Love You’. Nature has been involved in music since he was nine years old.
The singer has received various accolades for his music including the best singer award at the Eastern Awards in 2008 and a trophy for his singing and songwriting in a competition put on in St James by Danger Zone in 2002. With a name that signifies his love for the environment, Nature started getting serious about his career in 2002.
Since then, he has recorded with Big Ship, King Jammy' s, Truckback Records and Ricardo Gardener's Heart of Love Music label.Nature also has a number of other songs out such as “Cry Out", “Most High God' and "Dirty Closet', which was featured in the popular roots play, Talk Done, Time For Action.
Nature's move from St James to St Andrew has helped to propel his career over the last few years, racking up gigs at Sting, GT Extravaganza, Reggae Sumfest, Champions In Action and island Explosion to name a few.