Welcome on Stage: NKULEE DUBE

Nkulee Dube @ Reggae Jam

The saying that musicians never die has proved to be true with Lucky Dube, a South African reggae star and Rastafarian. His daughter, Nkulee Dube, has continued to keep his memory alive through her performances on the stage. Just on the 3rd of august, Lucky Dube`s birthday, Nkulee will play a special show in honor of her father.
During the music show, which is dubbed ‘Tribute to Lucky Dube’, Nkulee will perform some of  her father’s popular hits such as Blessed is the Hand that Giveth, Slave, Prisoner, Don’t Cry, Back to My Roots, Together as One, Reggae Strong, Born to Suffer, Feel Ire, and others.
The South African reggae star was assassinated in Johannesburg while in his car. The incidence took place in front of Lucky Dube’s children in suburban Johannesburg. Dube was a force to reckon with as far as reggae music is concerned when he was alive. He died at the age of 43 but before his death, he was able to win more than 20 awards including international awards. He released his first album in 1984 with the title “Rastas Never Die.” But the apartheid South African government banned the music.

Nkulee Dube, through her series of performance, has proved to the entire world that her father was right when he said that ‘”Rastas Never Die’”.
She is a perfect performer and a songwriter like her father. She is gradually getting to the apex of her music career through her music and excellent performance.