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Growing up on the streets of Accra, Ghana, Black Prophet, real name Kenneth Wilberforce Zonto Bossman, had a poverty-stricken childhood and music was the only way to escape his tough life. At the early age of seven he performed for the first time in public with his first band and at the age of fifteen, he started as the frontman of the Ghanaian Reggae Band ‘Vibration Boys’ which later became the ‘Vibration Kings’. He released his debut solo album ‘No Pain No Gain’ in February, 1998 a mixture Reggae and African Hip-Hop tracks. In 2003, the singer/songwriter made his first tour of Europe where he performed at various festivals across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Black Prophet is a Reggae artist that represents a new generation of African Roots Rock Reggae, he carries the flame of Jah music from Africa to Jamaica and the rest of the world. What makes Black Prophet unique is the sound of his voice and his diversity as an artist. His vocal ability takes the listener on an emotional journey, where the listener can experience the pain and despair or the hope and joy, through the stepping sounds of quality Roots Rock Reggae. Ghanaian-born Black Prophet is bilingual and sings in different languages, and speaks several dialects of Ghana. Black Prophet has played in over 30 countries from Germany to Ghana, Sweden, Jamaica and the UK to list a few, performing at festivals, in nightclubs, headlining his own concerts to supporting worldrenown reggae artists.

In common with many great reggae performers he is deeply committed to his art and believes in the spiritual power of music, saying ‘Music lives in me and I live in it.’’ and “My music is to educate and elevate people from their slumber’’. Black Prophet’s music fuses elements of traditional African music with Jamaican reggae and throws in a hint of rock and dash of Hiphop for good measure! Black Prophet’s most recent album ‘Stories of Life’ released in mid 2016, was produced by the legendary ‘Dean Fraser’ and is a manifestation of how he observes the world around him. On so many levels this is a truly accomplished collection of work vocally, musically and production-wise. This twelve track album featured a duet with ‘Tarrus Riley’ on the track ‘Elmina Castle’, this song has an eccentricity to its sound, his lyrics describe the period when the castle was used in the exploitation of Africans in the slave trade. Over a Nyabingi rhythm, the oppressive system of slavery is questioned and dismantled as the greatest robbery of people and their culture in history, all done as Black Prophet’s sings “with your bible in hand”

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