I Wayne confirmed @ Reggae jam 2019


I Wayne (Cliffroy Taylor) was born August 1980 in Portmore, Jamaica.
As a roots reggae singer, I-Wayne is well known for his hit singles"Living In Love" and "Can't Satisfy Her" from his debut album, Lava Ground.
I-Wayne was raised by his aunt and her husband Ansell Collins, a renowned keyboard player. This young artist has been refining his craft since the tender age of seven.
Coming from a musical family, I-Wayne made his first venture into musical performing as a student at Greater Portmore High School, where he joined a local group called Vibes Machine.
Vibes Machine, consisting of singers and DJs, used to perform at popular clubs such as Cactus and Asylum. One night, I-Wayne was forced to perform alone due to the fact that his band mates were running late. The response to this solo performance was tremendous, so after that I Wayne was motivated to perfect his solo act and work on his solo career.
In 2004, I Wayne hit number one with his single "Can't satisfy her", which was also the first reggae track by a cultural reggae artist to be added to the Hot 97 play-list. The song spent over 22 weeks on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Hot 100 Chart.
In November 2004, I Wayne signed a recording contract with VP Records to release his debut album, Lava Ground. Lava Ground was praised for returning to reggae's "essential roots" in contrast to popular reggae artists who induce listeners to "dance and groove to their carefree music".
This album featured two hit singles - "Can't Satisfy Her" and "Living in Love".
In November 6, 2007, the release of his second album Book of Life pushed him again to the top of the Billboard Charts in the reggae category, to the number 4 spot.
This roots and culture artist is lyrically and vocally gifted. He has had the big hit songs and now he continues to record and tour and build his career.
I-Wayne is well loved and embraced by the reggae listeners of the world.  


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