Kenshin Iryo, better known as MILLION STYLEZ was born June 1st, 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden. Raised by a French mother and a Japanese father, he grew up in the working class neighborhood of Sollentua.
Although MILLION STYLEZ never had any musical theoretical schooling, his first experimentations with music was at the young age of nine, recording rap tunes in Swedish on his cassette deck player. After a couple of years he started to write lyrics in English but it was not until he turned 18 that he moved on to patois with dancehall and reggae. It was a natural step for him due to the fact that he was surrounded by Caribbean music growing up – this gave him the gift of versatility, as he is one out of the few artists out there who can master perfectly different styles such as singing, deejaying and rapping.
In the summer of 2005 he went to the Big Break Event finals arranged by IRIE FM (Jamaica’s top radio station). It is an annual talent competition for upcoming artists in Jamaica with more than 1200 talented applicants. After live performances in St. Elizabeth, Montego Bay and Kingston, TV and radio-interviews, the Swedish born artist ended up in a honorable fourth place. He was also the first non-Jamaican that had ever had participated in the competition.
In March 2006, he released his breakthrough smash hit "Miss Fatty" which was distributed by the german distributor SOUNDQUAKE (largest online vinyl retailer at the time) and was their number one selling song for weeks.
The track got great reviews and was play-listed worldwide by radio stations such as HOT97, SHADE45, BBC1XTRA, KISS FM, NRJ, VOICE, P3 etc. It was also the number one track/video on TRACE TV for several months (broadcasted in over 50 countries) – and was classified as one of the biggest dancehall tracks of 2006.
The video was shot in Cuba and has over 30 MILLION VIEWS on youtube.
The song has since then become a certified Dancehall “Classic” (one of the few from a non-jamaican artist). Dj´s from all around the world still play the track weekly in their events up to today.
MILLION STYLEZ released his debut album From A Far (2007) with KBC MUSIC which included everything from roots, dancehall, Hip Hop to even some R&B influenced tracks. Just to mention a couple of songs that made this launcher was of course "Miss Fatty", "Brighter Day", "Give me the strength" and "Fade away" which was his second track to get to the number one position on the German reggae-charts. He spent the next 3 years touring the world, before releasing his second album entitled Everyday (a compilation of some of his best songs up to date) and this time through his own label ADONAI MUSIC. This musical masterpiece feature hits like "Everyday”,
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"Love we deal with" and the cross-over single "Supastar".
This time around he decided to have a couple of guest appearances, but not just any artists. He linked up with none other than GENTLEMAN (“Help is on the way”) as well as "World crisis" with the living legend DON CARLOS, and "As mi forward", a massive street anthem alongside the dancehall superstar BUSY SIGNAL.
Another 3 years later, in 2013 he released his first EP called “Songs About You” with French label SPECIAL DELIVERY. This smooth compilation consists of strictly love songs inspired by different relationships he had in his life. As with his previous projects, he always tries to showcase his versatility as he included many different genres of music on this project, ranging from smooth lovers rock & dancehall and a more cross-over hip hop vibe.
His following 2 releases “Revelation Time” (2015) and his more recent “Light up” EP both received great reviews from fans and critics alike:
“With “Revelation Time”, MILLION STYLEZ lives up to the claim his name represents. It is a mature production that gets better every time you hear it, and the variety of producers contributing their musical input guarantees the satisfaction of all tastes”
“… The “Light it Up” EP closes, leaving us with a smile on the face and an itch in the legs. Make sure you dance it all off.”
- Gardy Stein,

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