Royal Sounds confirmed @ Reggae Jam 2019


Royal Sounds’ are a roots reggae band hailing from London, UK - formed in September 2012.
They can be seen as a band of the future. The line-up includes: one of the brothers (Ajani) on bass, the other brother (Gyasi) on guitar, vocals delivered from (Ajani and Gyasi’s cousin) Hannibal and also Ras Sempah.
The production side of ‘Royal Sounds’ is carried out by the brothers. They have been producing/arranging and playing music from Ajani was about 13 and Gyasi began at around 14. Ajani deals with the bass and the keyboards and Gyasi handles the drums and guitar as seen in their ‘producing a reggae instrumental video.
The brothers have been learning their main instruments (bass and guitar) from their father Ras Alkebu (played lead guitar in the band Prince Lincoln & the Royal Rasses) since they were toddlers.
To help spread the message of positivity, they discovered more local talent, working with various vocalists such as Ras Sempah - who joined Ajani, Gyasi and Hannibal in 2013.
Their sound can be described as ‘rootsy’ but yet modern. Spreading the message that unity for all is the way forward.
Bringing all the energy together, ‘Royal Sounds’ released their first music video titled “Changes” in 2013. Featuring Hannibal, Ras Sempah, Jah Prayer & RAsepct Fyabinghi.
The people received the song and video very well, waiting for the next release! Although they are young in age, the brothers Ajani & Gyasi have been working together for the best part of ten years and have already acquired a wide range of experience. Touring Europe, backing artists and working as session musicians. They also produce music for various singers/songwriters. They are currently producing the next ‘Royal Sounds’ project titled ‘Burning Inspiration’ which will be available in online stores worldwide in May-June.
At the young age of 15 Gyasi has been to countries such as Belgium and France, playing percussion in the band ‘African Head Charge’...

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